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How Sitaphal Cashback works?

How Online Cashback works in India?
How Online Cashback works in India?
How Online Cashback works in India?
How Online Cashback works in India?
How Online Cashback works in India?
How Online Cashback works in India?

Steps to Earn Extra Cashback

Just visit before you shop anywhere

Earn Extra Cashback on all your Spending online. Same Products, Same Prices, But Extra Cashback. Follow the simple steps given below to enjoy Extra Cashback everytime you shop online.


Login, Select your Favourite Deal or Store from 300+ online Stores

2.Click & Visit Retailer

Click 'Shop Now' or any links to visit the Retailer


Shop & Buy like you do Normally. The Retailer deliver your Products.

4.Get Paid

We track your order and pay Sitaphal Credits within 6 to 12 weeks

Ways to Redeem your Cashback/ Rewards?

  • No Minimum Limit.
  • Many Redeem Options.
  • No Fee or Charges.

Sitaphal offers multiple ways to withdraw/redeem your Sitaphal Credits without any additional charges or conditions. You can redeem all your credits and no minimum limit required. Below are the ways you can use your Sitaphal Credits.


You can Recharge or Pay Bill Instantly. No Minimum Credits Required.


You can Recharge Instantly. No Minimum Credits Required.

Bank Transfer

Min 250 Cashback Credits Required. Takes 2 to 5 working days.


Buy EGift from Flipkart. Takes 1 working day & Minimum 100 Credits required.


Buy EGift from Amazon. Takes 1 working day & Minimum 100 Credits required.

Please note: Credits earned from Shopping at Flipkart, Snapdeal are Reward Credits which can not be transferred to your Bank Account.

Instructions & Guidelines to earn Cashback

  • Please login, Click our Links to visit the Retailer & Place order
  • Add products to cart only after you visit the store (click out) from
  • After Click out, place order in one session without visiting other websites
  • Do not use Gift Voucher or Wallet Amount or Loyalty Points to place your order
  • Do not use Ad blockers/ browser extensions that would block tracking your orders
  • Please follow specific Cashback Terms given by the Retailer
  • Cashback not available if you return, replace or exchange any item of your order
  • You must do a Click out from Sitaphal everytime you place a new order
  • Please wait until Sitaphal pages loaded fully before Clicking out to the Retailer
  • Its advised to clear your browsing history before your visit the Retailer from Sitaphal.
  • If payment fails in the first attempt, please empty cart & click out again & place order

Please Note: We do not guarantee Cashback if tracking your order is failed because of any human error like customer did not follow the Cashback Instructions correctly or Technical problems like your browser has malicious extensions/ plugins which manipulate URLs or block tracking.

How long it takes to Earn Cashback?

How long it takes to Earn Cashback
  • Click out

  • Pending

  • Approved

Why it takes 6 to 12 weeks?

We approve Cashback once we receive Confirmation Report from Retailer(s) with a list of Valid Orders. Retailers pay us commission only on orders that are valid i.e. the orders which are not returned/ replaced/ exchanged. For this reason, Retailers wait until the Return period is over i.e. usually one month. Then at the end of next month they pick up all the orders, validate and send us the list of valid orders.

for example: Customer place order in July. Then Retailer starts validation of all july orders at the end of August. Then send us the Report within 1 to 2 weeks i.e. 2nd week of September. Then we start approving cashback. So the orders placed in July gets cashback approved in September. Its possible we may pay cashback a week early or a week later depending on the Retailer.

What is Estimated Payment Date?

When a Customer Order is tracked, We give Estimated Payment Date for each transaction based on our forecast. We pay Cashback usually before the Estimated Payment Date. You can check Estimated Payment Date for each transaction in your Dashboard.

How To Check Cashback Status?

Login, Select "Cashback Activity" option from menu, then you can see your "Store visits" or "Tracked Transactions".

Ways to Redeem Cashback?

Login, Select "Credits & Redeem" option from menu, then select "Recharge/ PayBills" or "E-Gift", fill the form and submit.