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Asome website ..

Hi sitaphal, Awesome website ... .    

SujiSuji | Posted on 29-Sep-15

Good tech support - immediate respond

Hi , I really appreciate techsupport people  for giving immediate responce . Nice website . Through sitaphal I earned credits also . rock stars .sitaphal team ..  

SujiSuji | Posted on 21-Aug-15


I purchase product through got 650+ cashback great experience kindly issue cashbank in form of money in bank directlyor add some more retailer like paytm, ebay etc

Ashish PandeyAshish Pandey | Posted on 18-Aug-15

Trusted site ..

I m happy for your service ...actual main thing that quick response ...I never seen before any customercare of any online site ....thanku venkant for your support

Vishal Chawlavishal Chawla | Posted on 20-May-15

my 1st payout

Hi guys,I got my 1st payout of Rs.100 in the form of Amazon (India) Gift voucher. I got it within 24 hours from requested the payout. Great service from sitaphal, thanks to them and keep on doing...

Senthil MuruganSenthil Murugan | Posted on 04-May-15

Can users Redeem their Credits to pay Postpaid bills apart from Recharges?

Redeem Credits to Pay Bills as well.Can I suggest allowing users to Redeem their Credits to pay Bills like Postpaid Mobile Phone,  land line etc (apart from Recharges) because some customers use postpaid mobile alon... more

Anil KansalAnil Kansal | Posted on 23-Apr-15

Expecting clarity in Status instead of Awaitng Approval for postings that are not published

we know that as per sitaphal terms and conditions some unworthy sharing postes cannot be published. so i humbly request you. if any such deals are coming to post,  put the status of the post as 'Denied' or 'Rej... more

Rathish KizhiyedathRathish Kizhiyedath | Posted on 23-Mar-15

Click out history(tracking) not available

Sometimes we clicked the link and due to some reasons we can't able to purchase and most of the times we completed the process. So, we need to look at the history of clicking we made. But here, once approved only we can able to se... more

Senthil MuruganSenthil Murugan | Posted on 10-Mar-15

search option not available

I think I didin't saw the search box in this site. Its hard to find the specific website offers alone, if you provide search box we can easily find out the offers by their site name itself.

Senthil MuruganSenthil Murugan | Posted on 08-Mar-15

required discount in electronics

Hi, As we do shopping for electronical products every time s.a. Pen Drives, RAM's,etc via your website , so we do want cashback facility from your website in this field as your website has not provided any cashback offer on e... more

Prithvi PatraPrithvi Patra | Posted on 22-Feb-15

update the design of dashboard feature

Hi,i just want to suggest you that the total credit feature view that gets displayed after we click on dashboard item in the dropdownlist must be displayed in the first page or starting page once we enter our profile because as a... more

Prithvi PatraPrithvi Patra | Posted on 20-Feb-15

Not receiving any Notifications when my Postings approved

Hi, it would be great if I can see list of Notifications when when my Cashback status updated, when my postings approved etc, pretty much for all important events.

VenkyVenky | Posted on 19-Feb-15

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