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sitaphal Cashback FAQ

Online Cashback Explained

When Users shop with any of our listed Retailers via our website, our Retailers pay us commission (Referral Fee) to us for the purchases made. We pass the commission to the User in the form of Cashback/ Rewards.

Here is the whole process to earn extra Cashback:

  1. Join/ Login (website or mobile app)
  2. Browse & select your favourite Store or Discount Offer
  3. Click our links to visit the Retailer website (or App also if its flipkart / snapdeal)
  4. Shop like you do normally on the retailer’s website. They deliver your products.
  5. We track your order within 3 days
  6. The Retailer validates your order after return period is over and inform us within 10 weeks that your order is valid for commission payment
  7. Then we approve and pay you Sitaphal Credits
  8. You can use your Sitaphal Credits to Recharge, Pay Bill or buy E-Gift Vouchers.

Note: Before visiting online store/ app via, please follow our Cashback Instructions and read Cashback Terms of the Store so that there won't be problems with tracking your order and earning extra Cashback.

Credits earned via shopping from Flipkart, Snapdeal can not be transferred to your bank account. You should only use them to Recharge or Buy Egifts. Thats why they are called Reward Credits. Cashback Credits can be transferred to your bank account.

You can earn Cashback on every purchase made through us. There is no limit on your earnings. The more you shop, the more you will earn. It is possible to save around 20%, approximately on your monthly spending.

No. All the prices remain same whether you visit the retailer directly or through

No. You will not get any Cashback if you visit & Shop with the Retailers directly. We can only give Cashback to Shoppers who visit Retailers via us. Only then we receive commission from the Retailer and we pass this on to the users as Cashback.

No. We offer Cashback service for free. You do not have to pay anything for earning the Cashback. You just need to Shop with the Retailers via the links provided on our website/ Mobile App by following our Cashback Instructions and store terms.

Unfortunately no. Only Registered Users of are eligible to earn Cashback. In order to earn Cashback, you must have an account (Sign Up) with us and visit the Retailer stores via site/ App. If you do not have an Account with us, we will not be able to track your purchase or pay Cashback.

Please write to us at or call us at 040 – 65126512, we will do our best to include the retailer you are looking for.

Yes. You need to visit the Retailer Store via Sitaphal each time you place a new order. Of couse you must follow the Cashback Instructions.

Best Practices to Earn Cashback/ Extra Rewards

  • You must Login, Click our Links to visit the Retailer & Place order
  • Do not use Ad blockers/ malicious browser extensions
  • Add products to cart only after you click out from
  • After Click out, place order in one session without visiting other websites
  • Do not use Gift Voucher or Wallet Amount or Loyalty Points to place your order
  • Do not use Retailers' Mobile App (except Flipkart & Snapdeal Apps) to place orders
  • Cashback not available if you return, replace or exchange any item of your order
  • Please follow specific Cashback Terms given by the Retailer
  • Please wait until Sitaphal pages loaded fully before Clicking out to the Retailer
  • If payment fails in the first attempt, please empty cart & place your order again
  • You must do a Click out from Sitaphal every time you place a new order

Cashback Tracking Explained

Every time a user login to Sitaphal and visit a Retailer Store, we call it Click Out. When user do a Click Out, we create a Store Visit Record which is also called Click-out Record or Cashback Record or Cashback Transaction. This Record shows status of your Cashback/ Reward.

When a user visits a Retailer Store via Sitaphal and place an order, the Retailer sends us Orders List they received via Sitaphal Channel to us within 1 to 3 days time. If the user order is there in the List, then we update his/her Store Visit (Click out) Record status to Pending with details like Cashback Amount, Order Value, Estimated Payment Date etc. If your Click-out record status is Pending, it means your order is tracked.

Tracking speed is the time taken to Track your Purchase and Create your Cashback Record with “Pending” status in your Sitaphal Account. It usually takes 1 working day. Some Retailers may take more time to send us the Orders List. Based on the time Retailers take, we setup Tracking Speed for each Retailer. Tracking 'Cash on Delivery' orders may take more time. You can find Tracking Speed for each Store on our Store profile page. Eg:

We can track your order on many online stores instantly and update your cashback record status to Pending as soon as you finish placing order. It means you can check if your order is tracked or not immediately after placing your order.

Stores that support Instant tracking are marked with “Instant Tracking” flag on its store profile page.

If your Click-out (Store Visit) record status is Pending, it means your order is tracked. All tracked transactions are visible on your Sitaphal account dashboard, in “Tracked Transactions” section or Check out your Cashback Activity .

Tracking Reliability of each store is calculated based on the number of missing complaints we received against the number of orders tracked in the past. This is just to offer you an idea on how good the store has been tracking without failure in the past.

Estimated Payment Time is the maximum number of days Retailer takes to approve your Cashback/ Reward Transaction after you have successfully placed an order via You can find this information on each Sitaphal Store page before you click out to the Retailer. This duration may vary for different Retail Stores.

Status of a Cashback Record can be "Pending" or "Approved" or "Cancelled". Find below what each status means.

"Pending" – Once your Order is tracked, we update your Store visit record status to “Pending”. It does not guarantee Cashback/ Rewards payment yet.

"Approved" – Retail Stores validate all orders generated via sitaphal within 6 to 10 weeks after you place order and send us the final report confirming that we can pay Sitaphal Credits. Then we pay you the Cashback/ Rewards as Sitaphal Credits and change the Tracked Record status to "Approved". Then the Credits gets added your Sitaphal Account.

"Cancelled" – If you cancel, return, replace or exchange all or any items of your order then your Order won't be eligible for Cashback/ Rewards payment from Sitaphal. Validation Report from Retailers each month confirms whether your order is eligible for Cashback/ Rewards payment or not. If your order is Rejected by the Retailer for the Cashback/ Rewards, then we will update your tracked transation to "Canceled" state. Then Sitaphal Credits will not be paid.

Once logged in, you can see recently 'Tracked Transactions' in your Dashboard. Click on the 'View All' button there or visit “Cashback Activity” to see details of all cashbacks earned, pending, rejected and store visits list etc. You can find status of each store visit here.

Please note Order Value shown in your click out record is many times not same as the price or the amount you paid while placing the order. This is because Retailers deduct any applicable charges like Shipping Charges, VAT, Taxes etc from your whole order amount and calculate our Referral Fee on the Remaining amount. We pay you Cashback/ Rewards on the Order Value based on the Store Rates (table given on each store profile page).

If you still think your Cashback/ Rewards Amount is incorrect, you can raise a query by clicking on 'Get Support' button adjacent to your Tracked Transaction record. Please allow us 1 to 3 working days time to respond.

Cashback Approval & Payment

Retailers validate all orders generated via every month and send us a Report confirming whether a perticular order is eligible for commission or not.

They mainly do checks like below listed ones. 1. If the order has been cancelled, returned, replaced or exchanged any items by the customer. If so, then the order would be rejected for commission payment. 2. If the order had been placed without following the store terms eg: commission not available on Bulk Orders or orders below certain amount etc. This list is up to the Retailer. Please check Store page 'Rates table/ Terms' section for the Store Terms.

After validation is finished, they send us the final list of valid orders. Then we start approving the transactions on Sitaphal. This whole process is called Cashback Validation.

Retailers send us Validation Reports each month with list of qualified orders for Cashback/ Reward Payments. then, we approve valid click out records of our customers. As soon as we approve your Click Out Record (Tracked Transaction), Sitaphal Credits gets added to your account Credits. You can check your Approved Cashback Records and your Credits History

Time taken for Cashback Approval varies with Retailers. The time span between your purchase and Cashback/ Rewards Approval could be between 6 to 12 weeks. You can find Estimated Payment Date for each Tracked Record from your Pending Cashback Activity

Retailer Stores usually give up to 4 weeks Return Period to customers on their products. Retailers don't pay us commission on orders that are returned/ canceled/ replaced/ exchanged. So they wait until the Return Period is over for all the orders of one month. Then at the end of the next month, they start validation of the Orders. Example, for the orders placed in Jun, they start validation by end of July. Then they send us 'Validation Report' by mid of August. Some Retailers send the reports bit late as well. Based on the validated orders list, we will pay Sitaphal Credits. That is the reason payment takes up to 6 to 12 weeks.

If any Retailer delays sending us the Validated Orders Report, then its possible that we extend Cashback Approval date i.e. the estimated payment date. But this happens very rarely.

Unfortunately No. We cannot pay Cashback if you Cancel, Replace, Return or even Exchange any items of your order as Retailers are not going to pay us the Referral fee.

Tracking Missing & Cashback Cancellations

Yes it is possible. Usually it could be because of a human error while following “Cashback Instructions” (link to cashback instructions) or a problem in your browser. One good example is your browser has Ad Blockers or extensions/ plug-ins that stops Retailers from tracking your orders.

You must follow Cashback Instructions without failure. We will always be fair and glad to assist our customers but please note we can not pay Cashback/ Rewards if your order is not tracked by the Retailer on our channel because we don't receive any commission/ referral fee.

Your Click Out record for your order gets updated within 24 hours (72 hours on Sundays & Holidays) after you made your purchase. But if you don't see your Cashback Record with "Pending" status even after 1 to 3 days of your order confirmation from the Retailer (unless Tracking Speed is > 3 days, mentioned on the store profile page), you should consider your order as Missing for Cashback Tracking.

If you think you followed all Cashback Instructions while visiting the Retailer and all Cashback Terms while placing your order, but still don't see your Cashback Record with "Pending" status even after 1 to 3 days, then please Report immediately to us by clicking “Report Missing” button adjacent to the Click Out record from your Sitaphal Account Dashboard. Or please forward your order confirmation email received from the Retailer to from your registered email id with subject "Cashback Missing".

You must forward us the order confirmation email (including invoice) sent by the Retailer to us to If you are reporting from Sitaphal Account Dashboard, then please attach the Invoice got from the Retailer. The invoice (/ order confirmation email) should have Retailer Name, Order Placement Time, Amount and the Product names.

We respond to your query within 1 to 2 working days after you reported. Once we receive all necessary information, we forward your query to the Retailer for verification. Depending on the Retailer, they may take 2 days to upto 4 weeks time to respond to our queries. So please bear with us until then. As soon as we hear from them, we will let you know and update your Click out Record status.

Once you sent us the Order Confirmation email or Invoice, we will inform the Retailer about your case and ask them to verify if you order had been placed via our channel. If they confirm that your order had been placed via Sitaphal Channel, then we will get Referral Fee for your transaction and then we can pay Cashback/ Rewards to you.

Please note, we can only pay Cashback/ Rewards if the Retailer store confirms that your order has been originated from our links and tracked on our channel. If they say your order is not tracked on our channel, then we can not pay Cashback/ Rewards. Because we don't receive any commission/ Referral fee for your order.

Tracked Cashback can be cancelled due to following reasons: The tracked order was partially or fully returned, replaced, exchanged or canceled. You might have used gift voucher, Wallet or Loyalty Points to place your order. You didn't fulfill all the Cashback Terms and conditions of the Retailer. Example: Minimum order value not met.

Please follow Cashback Instructions and the Terms of the Store carefully to avoid cancellation.

We cannot guarantee Cashback/ Reward on such orders as it entirely depends on the Retailer whether they allow Cashback or not. If the Retailer pays us commission for your order, we will definitely give you Cashback. If not, we can not pay. We recommend using Coupon Codes posted on itself.

It means that you can still shop & get benefited with the Discounts coupons and deals offered by the Store, but at that moment will not pay any extra Cashback/ Reward on your shopping from it.

Earn Extra Cashback/ Rewards

  • Login, Browse Select your Favourite Store or Deal
  • Click, Visit & Shop Click our links to visit the Retailer & Buy like you do Normally.
  • Get Cashback paid We track your order and pay Sitaphal Credits in 6 to 12 weeks
  • Same Prices
  • Same Products
  • But Extra Cashback/ Rewards

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